My ongoing, unstoppable mission at SMAA is to “motivate and educate each and every student to become a complete success in life, in short, to change lives.”

Success differs from achievement, as you can achieve everything you want at the expense of everyone that matters.

While people mistakenly think of success as being able to swim in a vault of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck, true success is about living a good, meaningful life, regardless of your current financial scoreboard.

This weekend I was lucky to be able to celebrate my father’s 75th birthday with most of my immediate family in gorgeous Moab, Utah.*

It’s not often my family can gather together, especially at such a stunningly beautiful home. As time passes and the next generations grow up, I feel that it’s important to acknowledge and savor our short time together because none of us knows how many times like these we have left.

Moments like these are made to be appreciated and remembered.

What matters in life is usually a WHO not a WHAT — family and friends are what make this life worth living.

One of the Big Fights you should take on as a martial artist is the fight to defend your time and energy from those who would waste it, so you can spend it with your loved ones because you cannot consider yourself a success without successful, meaningful relationships.

Work hard when you are away from your family so when you are together you can be 100% present and fully enjoy yourselves.

Happy 75th, Dad!

*My little sister owns and runs Moab Rafting and Canoe Company so if you’re looking for an amazing river trip look them up and Lisa and Kevin will take great care of you.