D-Day InvasionWhat is D-Day?


Today, June 6th, marks the anniversary of the 1944 Allied invasion of Normandy during World War 2, a turning point that ultimately led to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

The D-Day assault was the largest amphibious military operation in history, and many people wonder what the “D” in D-Day stands for.

Decision?  Debarkation? Deployment? Departure?Designated? Doomsday?

According to the military, the D simply refers to whatever day is agreed upon to take action; the D is a stand-in for the day of the assault.

So the assault would happen on the D-Day, on the H-Hour, and use of the this code prevented the information from being discovered by the enemy.

So what makes the term, D-Day so significant?

D-Day is The Day You Take Action


If D-Day is the day of action, then notations like (D-30) Day refer to 30 days BEFORE you act, whereas (D+30) would be 30 days after you act.

The negative (-30) denotes the time spent preparing to act. An assault as large as June 6th, 1944 took months to prepare so the term D-30 Day served as a countdown to the day of action, the D-Day.

Preparing to act, and properly planning to act are essential but sometimes people hide behind preparation.


Have You Ever Met Someone Who Was Always Preparing to Act?


Do you know anyone who is always preparing to act, to make a major change, tomorrow?

They are stuck in (D-) mode and have fooled themselves into believing that if they can just plan a little bit better, for a little bit longer, then when they finally act, when their D-Day comes, it will be perfect.

What they are actually doing is hiding behind the idea of the perfect plan because they are afraid of finally taking action to change.

They may spend all their time researching various martial arts, and martial arts schools, trying to learn everything about every martial art “so they can make an informed decision,” yet they never walk through the door, get on the mat and try a class.

Or, they buy whole new workout clothes, watch lots of workout videos, they do everything but do a workout.

And what’s worse is that they feel like all the preparing they are doing is achieving something; they are mistaking activity for accomplishment.

A little planning is helpful, but you have to ACT.

As WW2 General George Patton said, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”


Are You Living in (D+) Time?


(D+) refers to the days after you first took action, and logs all the progress you have made since you actually made a change.

(D+) Time means you are on the road to change.

You can now chart your progress starting with the D-Day you Took Action and see how far you’ve come from being the person you used to be to the person you are now, and will continue to become.

We call this (D+) time the Path of Mastery.


Make Today Your D-Day


If you’re not living in (D+) time, then you need to take some action now, even the littlest step to get on the path of progress, change, and improvement.

Get out of (D-) time, stop thinking and start acting NOW, not tomorrow, TODAY.

Make Today Your D-Day and don’t look back.

Do It Today, it could be the difference between Victory and Defeat.

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