Adult Warrior Arts Classes


Who Else Wants Stress-Relief, Tip-Top Physical Fitness,

Self-Confidence and Time For Yourself

While Learning Simple & Practical Personal Safety Skills?


Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in our Adult Martial Arts Program. My name is Brad Scornavacco and I have been studying martial arts for 31 years and I would love the opportunity to pass that knowledge on to you. You will have the time of your life learning martial arts with us, get WarriorFit and learn FASTER and EASIER than you ever imagined–I guarantee it.

Here are 5 Compelling Reasons why you should give it a shot, even if you think martial arts are “just for kids”:


#1:  Our Positive, Friendly Learning Atmosphere


From the moment you begin studying you will experience a RELAXED, WELCOMING and FRIENDLY school environment. Our Professional Teachers are right there by your side instructing you with patience to speed your learning. The students you’ll meet in class are open and respectful of new students.  Absent from class is the typical “fresh meat” mentality common to other schools.

You are entering a whole new world of LEARNING and SELF-DEVELOPMENT, and the entire school is there to help you on the road to martial art success.  Our relaxed and open atmosphere makes learning a breeze.


“I started in the martial arts in 1975 doing Tae Kwon Do, so I’ve been studying in it for 28 years now. I started with Mr. Scornavacco in January of 2002 to continue in American Kenpo. In the short amount of time I’ve been training there I’ve learned more about American Kenpo and the martial arts than ever before. It’s a 30-mile one way drive for me to go train with Mr. Scornavacco, but it’s training I wish I would have started along time ago. He is with out a doubt the most knowledgeable instructor I have had the chance to work out with, he doesn’t show you how but why.”

– Charles Welch


#2:  A Holistic Program of
Mental and Physical Health & Fitness


You will get in great shape when you train with us on a consistent basis.  You will learn simple FLEXIBILITY and JOINT-MOBILITY exercises to keep your body moving the way nature intended it.  You will also strengthen your body naturally through FUNCTIONAL-STRENGTH exercises that are both safe and effective.  You will rapidly get into Great Shape while Learning and Engaging your Mind when you step off the “road to nowhere” treadmill at the gym.

As you get into better shape you will Look and Feel Better.  The more fit you are the more resistant to sickness you will be and you will also lower your stress level. Imagine the stress you hold throughout your life like the water filling a bathtub-your body.  The bathtub is your capacity to deal with the stress of your life; the drain is how fast you can eliminate this stress.  The better your health and fitness the more stress you can deal with without breaking down; it is like making your bathtub larger so it can handle more without overflowing.

You also need to drain your stress safely.  If you are always filling the tub with stress and never draining it, it will eventually overflow.  Our martial arts program is the drain.  When you come to class you “unplug the drain” and safely and healthfully dissipate all your pent-up stress.

“I have now been at Scornavacco’s for about 18 months and the effects have been very rewarding for me. I must say when I first began, I felt very uncoordinated, out of place with where I was, what I was doing and the way my body responded to the art of karate. Over the past year and a half I can really feel and see the improvements in myself.

I have lost 15 lbs, from 195 down to 180 lbs.

My body has physically improved from being somewhat flabby to better overall tone in the stomach, arms and legs.

-My coordination has greatly improved where I feel more balanced when learning my moves.

-My self-confidence has improved where I feel good about myself and my body.

I am more mentally relaxed during my daily activities. -I have made new friends that test and challenge me with each class.

-You  have been very supportive and patient with me as I work through my techniques and work to improve my capabilities.

Thank you for improving my well-being. I look forward to continuing with your school for the foreseeable future as the benefits that I have received help me in my daily life.”

Best Regards,
-Glen Foley


#3:  Our Step-by-Step Teaching Method

Makes It “A Snap” to Learn


In class you will learn the our 3-Step Fast-Learning Method:

Step #1: “alphabet of motion” which is comprised of the individual, Basic movements. You will learn to perform the Basic Blocks, Strikes and Kicks with proper Form, Speed and Power.

Step #2: You will then learn to combine these A,B,C’s into “words and sentences of motion.” Linking Basic movements into combinations will teach you how to flow effortlessly.

Step #3: Next, you will learn “meaningful dialogue” as you begin to defend yourself from live attackers in class.

All the skills you learn flow directly into each other making learning a snap.

Kenpo is based on principles of motion that are taught by example.  Using sets of self-defense techniques as examples of these principles, you learn specific applications that can then be broadened to a more general level. Learning principles through the specific techniques helps you remember and apply the principles as necessary, no matter what the bad guys throw at you.


#4: Teaches You Practical Self-Defense & Safety Skills


The core of our traditional martial arts program at Scornavacco Martial Arts Academy is SIMPLE, PRACTICAL SELF-DEFENSE skills that everyone can use effectively–even you.  You see, there are no flashy kicks or acrobatics; leave that to the movies.  You will learn how to escape from the most common holds and other attacks in the easiest way possible.

“I am favorably impressed with the level of commitment and dedication that Mr. Scornavacco has towards women’s issues in regards to self-defense, myself having four teen-aged daughters and a wife that have studied under him for the past year and a half. As a Martial Artist, he is one of the most practical and skillful individuals that I have ever witnessed, but what is more impressive is his desire to openly share that knowledge and skill with everyone, from children to adults, as their level of development permits. He is very sensitive to his student’s progress and developmental needs, and adjusts his teaching accordingly, to maximize the learning experience. Mr.Scornavacco’s enthusiasm and love for what he is doing is a great motivational force for all of his students. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is interested in learning the practical aspects of self-defense.”


–Larry Yonashiro


Your new-found martial arts skill…


#5: Gives You Self-Confidence and “Silent Power”


Knowing that you can protect yourself and your loved ones grants you tremendous INNER POWER and CONFIDENCE.  You will literally radiate this Silent Power that projects to potential threats that you cannot be taken advantage of.  When criminals sense your power they will move on to easier targets. Such confidence stops an attack on you before it starts.

You will also learn how to spot potential threats and avoid them or verbal make an attacker “back off” so you never even have to get physical.  This is the highest art of self-defense, to defuse an attack before it ever starts.

So I invite you to come on in and experience our Adult Martial Arts Program for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you in person,


Brad Scornavacco

Head of School

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