Ages 11-15 (Tweens)


The Power of a Positive Peer Group

Our Tween program is specifically designed for students 11 to 15 years old  – that age group “in-between” being a dependent child and being an independent adult. This program incorporates self-defense training in challenging, exciting ways such as point-sparring, team-building drills, bully-be-gone lessons, etc. that help tweens mature into responsible adults.

Tweens face an important challenge to their personal development — how to create their own identity in the face of peer pressure and the influence of others.  The independent nature of martial arts training will teach your child to assert himself, make his own decisions and to stand up for what he believes.  Our program will help him gain self-awareness through his own effort and accomplishments while cooperating with other students toward a common goal of self-improvement and skill development.

Tweens face threats of gang violence and illicit drug-use greater than any generation before it.  Gangs and other unsavory peer groups offer tweens a sense of acceptance and community, albeit a negative one, that they might not feel elsewhere.  If your tween feels like there’s no where to go and no one to turn to, gangs and destructive peer groups become more attractive and easier to fall in with.

Scornavacco Martial Arts Academy, in contrast, offers tweens a positive community and constructive role models.  Tweens benefit from a reward program based on positive achievement rather than violent, criminal activity.  Most importantly, your tween will be shown the same respect given to adults; he will not be treated like a child.  For that reason, Tweens usually train along side our adult students, who also aid in teaching tweens proper respect, powerful learning ethos and positive peer interaction. SMAA offers tweens a “third place,” outside of home and school, a safe haven and a sanctuary from any outside negativity or emotional stress.