27 years ago, Dr. Karla met a woman named Mara during her study abroad program in Sweden.

Yesterday that connection paid off for our children (and us too).

Mara happened to be in Denver this weekend for the American Library Association Convention, and she invited our family to come be a part of it.

This was geek-a-rific!

I may have to replace the phrase, like a kid in a candy store, to, like my kids at a book fair, because of how overjoyed they were to be the only children in an adult convention that focused on librarians and children’s books.

The two ran from display to display gathering up free books from each publishing house, including some yet-to-be-released books they’ve been waiting for.

All in all, we left with about 8 bags full of books!

We also had the pleasure of meeting some authors, including one of my favorites, Kathryn Otoshi, who wrote the wonderful anti-bullying book, One, followed by several other equally, simply beautiful children’s books.

She’s exactly the kind of person who would have written these wonderful books– warm, friendly and with great, positive energy. You can see my kids were also excited to meet her.

I highly recommend her books to all parents.

Our blissful Sunday sojourn came a day after I read online about how writing is being replaced by photo and video, i.e. people aren’t actively reading as much as they are passively watching.

I find that prediction a bit sad.

I think I’ll ignore it and continue reading an excellent book I picked up yesterday, How To Live, or, A Life of Montaigne – In One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer.