Saturday’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party was one of the most pleasant family events SMAA has hosted.

I had been wanting to host a Board Game Night for our parties for quite awhile, and now that we’ve had one, I’m very happy we did.

The evening was supremely enjoyable, with everyone joining in, laughing and learning to play some new games brought by others.

The food was bountiful and the corned beef must have been a hit because it was gone almost as soon as it was plated. YUM!

The party was scheduled to run from 6-8PM but sometimes you just can’t stop the fun. I left, after 9PM and there was still a crew playing Cover Your Assets (which I am ordering now).

Thanks to everyone who participated as a whole family.

You made it a great success!

Here are some pictures from the party:

I hope to see you at our Easter Egg Hunt in April!