SMAA CLOSED TODAY DUE TO SNOWSTORM! Your Teachers Can’t Make it to SMAA Today due to inclement weather! :O

This is from SVVSD’s Web Site Today:

“Today, due to inclement weather, all after-school activities within St. Vrain Valley Schools have been canceled. This includes all athletic practices, home and away games, extracurricular activities, and school/community events.

We are also canceling our Community Schools childcare program but we understand that this may have a significant impact on families and will keep ONLY the Community Schools programs open until all students are able to be picked up.

District officials will continue to monitor weather conditions closely and consult with county and state officials prior to making a decision to close or delay schools tomorrow. A decision will be made as soon as possible and will be communicated through our website, local news stations, and email/text/phone based on your Infinite Campus notification settings.

Additionally, whenever weather conditions in your specific area are problematic for your student to attend school, please feel free to contact your school’s attendance clerk to obtain an excused absence for your student. If severe weather conditions cause you to keep your student at home, they will be able to make up any missed schoolwork without penalty.”

I have been waiting to make this call as I despise closing the school unless absolutely necessary, and as SAFETY is my main concern, I’m closing the school for today.


20 years ago I refused to close for a storm very much like this week’s.

I was living in Boulder at the time and had to drive the Diagonal, but I stuck to our schedule and taught all the day’s classes.

I did end the Adult Class early to hit the road, but by the time I left there was nearly 12 inches of snow on the road.

AND, it was “dust on crust” the snow covered a thick layer of ice.

I remember leaving the school and overhearing one of my students saying to another, “I hope he’s ok.”

Well, I was OK until I got on the Diagonal.

I was driving along and witnessed the car in front of me sliding off of the road, stopping JUST before slamming in to another car on the side of the road.

I had time to notice the tracks the car in front of me made before I started sliding in the exact same tracks she carved out.

I couldn’t get out of the ruts and watched as my Toyota Corolla slide along the same path,

BUT I couldn’t stop in time.

Slammed right into the car I followed onto the side of the road, destroying the front of my car.

After I got out to inspect the damage, I heard someone say — turns out there were several cars on the side of the road — “we have to get out of here before someone gets killed!”

Luckily no one was hurt, and the woman I hit actually gave me a ride the rest of the way home!

I’d like to NOT repeat that, so I’ll see you tomorrow.