(Giordano’s Pizza, from my hometown)

If you wondered if you’d need math in the real world, then today is your answer.

March 14th, Pi Day, is now a thing.

Pi, if you recall from school is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, or 3.14…(numbers and more numbers).

Suddenly, math is everywhere for a day and Pi has, arguably, become the most famous number.

But what’s the point, other than having a good math geek joke for a day?

Pi helps us calculate curved distances and circular areas, and pops up wherever we see waves, curves and spirals.

One interesting application of Pi is the distance certain rivers travel, where the actual length of the river is Pi times the linear distance from one end to the other (note this ratio varies). So the actual river length is just over 3 times the distance as the crow flies.

Meandering rivers made me think about Pi and ACHIEVEMENT.

The path to Black Belt is not a straight line, it ripsaws up and down along its upward trajectory — it’s like a sine wave, or a meandering river.

So, as you train and learn, it will likely take longer than you think, perhaps Pi longer.

If you’re prepared for success to take longer than you think, you can plan accordingly for the longer time-frame, without disappointment or discouragement.

Ok, so if that doesn’t make you love Pi, try this:

Pi proves that you should always order a larger pizza to save money.

A 16-inch pizza is 4 TIMES the size (area) of an 8-inch pizza and is 1.3 times the size of a 14-inch pizza, all for only a few dollars more.

No word on the effect of the larger pizza on your health. 😉

Why You Should Order the Bigger Pizza

So, appreciate math and Happy Pi Day!