Welcome to 2016!

December may be the most wonderful time of the year, but January is the most EXCITING time of the year.

Everything seems fresh and, well, new.

The new year is the perfect time to look at yourself with new eyes, to examine your life from a fresh perspective, to forgive yourself for any shortcomings last year and to mentally forge ahead in 2016.

January is a time of great energy and enthusiasm. Can’t you feel it everywhere you go?

Now, cynics might argue that it’s just another day, that there’s nothing special or different from one month to the next, so what’s the big deal.

Logically, the cynic is right, there is no difference between one month and the next, but life is much more than numbers on a calendar.

We follow the seasons and our energies ebb and flow right along with them.

We just ended a time of rest, introspection and family engagement, putting work and progress on the back burner.

Now, we are emerging from this period of vacation with renewed vitality, eager to act, to start on a new path, or just to renew and return to our chosen road.

For you, for me, that means dusting off your uniform, gathering your gear and getting to classes this week to re-engage with your goals and enjoy the process of martial arts training–the original mind-body education.

The time to strike is when the iron is hot, the time to take great strides forward is when you are highly motivated, and that time is NOW.

Don’t let your fire go out, the only way to keep it burning is to stoke the flames with action.

I look forward to seeing you in classes this week.