As we enter our third month of staying at home, physical distancing and mask wearing, life is slowly returning to a quasi-normal routine.

SMAA has re-opened for a split schedule, with Monday, Tuesday and Saturday being in the school and with Wednesday and Thursday classes held on Zoom.

We have implemented all the best practices and safety measures dictated by our local government and we can say that we’ve made coming to class and training as safe as possible, and safer than most other places you can go to right now.

We have plenty of space for safe social distancing, plenty of gear to use until we can be each other’s partners again and plenty of good air flow with our giant garage doors we are opening for classes.

Returning students have been in good spirits and ready to train again.

Here’s some quick feedback from one family:

“I would like to thank the staff at Scornavacco’s for all their support and efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. Today was our first day back to class. Leo, who is a yellow belt in Little Dragons was super excited, I honestly was a bit nervous it’s been such a challenging time for so many reasons. We decided we needed to put our reservations aside and check it out and I am so glad we did! I am so impressed with everything they have done to make sure our children are safe and that the environment is spacious and well ventilated. Thank you for following all the guidelines and regulations and for providing a safe space so that Leo can have a little bit of fun and positive interaction.

Thanks again,

Sonia Marquez”