What, just one guy?

Vern Bevan commented after class that he’d never been in or seen a fight that was against just one guy.  Many of us concurred that altercations we’ve been in or been witness to have been with multiple belligerents.

The point?

Well, we’ve been doing a good deal of innovative multiple/mass attack work in class lately in DIRECT DIFIANCE to the “Conventional Wisdom/Drinking the Kool-Aid” dogma that “you can’t beat more than one of you, so why try” that is so prevalent in the Jiu-Jitsu/MMA world.

So…in even a relatively small group such as our school people say mass fighting is the norm…But “don’t train to survive it” is the martial art zeitgeist?

That’s plain stupid.

“Sorry, Mr. Home Invaders, I can only fight one at a time.  Please wait your turn.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Arrest Suspects, I can only get one of you under control at a time.  Would you wait so I can arrest you later?”

“Boys, Gang-Rapists, I can only fend off one person at a time while I’m on the ground.  So don’t all jump me at once.”

I don’t think so.

If defending yourself from multiple attackers means that you will be seriously hurt, then your training should AT LEAST help you to become LESS-seriously hurt, if not just getting out alive or escaping to safety.

Given that mass/multiple attackers is a reality, training for anything less is irresponsible.