Yesterday two unrelated, strange events happened.  The first was that a friend and associate received a great opportunity.  This time-consuming opportunity means that I won’t be seeing him for quite some time.  Neither of us saw this coming. The second was that I received a phone call with an opportunity for a Sunday night out with Dr. Karla that I hadn’t been expecting nor even on the lookout for.

I’ve been writing in the Master Club Newsletter lately about time and how to take control of it, including scheduling.  While scheduling is necessary, so is being ready and able to adapt to change as it comes.  My friend Doug, seeing a chance he couldn’t pass up, radically changed his life.  For Dr. Karla and me taking advantage of a unique opportunity just meant some creative thinking to find a babysitter so we could go see Sheryl Crow perform at the Boulder Theater.

For Doug his chance is potentially life-changing while ours was a frivolous night out.  The commonality between these two strange events is that neither chance took us away from our goals, instead enchanting our lifestyles.  Doug’s business will most certainly thrive now and our impromptu Date Night did nothing to take away from our family time or our work time.

The Point?

All plans are subject to change.  Call it flexible rigidity or rigid flexibility.  Make plans and only change them when the change either advances your life-goals or does nothing to detract from them.  Finally, be open to the change and chance events that life throws your way.