So we have, she was nine when she joined, a kiddo with tons of physical energy, super physical learner, um, and struggling a little bit with focus and completion at school, and so we thought the combination of physical learning and learning all these new skills and new challenges, improving yourself.

With physicality in combination with the focus and mental outlook that martial arts teach you, teaches you, we thought it would be a really great, um, combination and it was an experiment. She absolutely loves it. Absolutely loves it. I can tell. And I think the family approach that is here, it feels like you’re in a community pretty much right off the bat.

Mr. Scornavacco is fantastic with communication, sending letters home when she completes a stage and gets a new belt. We just got a letter all about discipline and what that’s about three pages of it. And it’s posted up on a door in our house where we can all look at it. And there’s some great life lessons being taught in a way that this child learns this method really well.

It’s perfect.

– Jessie Burns


It's Perfect