“Our family relocated from Austin, Texas to Lyons almost two years ago. Shortly after we moved here, we discovered the Scornavacco School of Martial Arts for our son Drake. It is one of the places that made Colorado start to feel like home. From the sense of community it provides to the skills we see our son developing, the school continues to be a source of joy and belonging in a new place…and post-covid lockdown is no different. When Brad re-opened his doors, we might have been the first ones there! I knew that the school would move forward responsibly and with great consideration for our health and vitality, and it has NOT disappointed. I’ve never seen Drake so proud over his new belt. The ritual of going to class has been very grounding during all of the uncertainty we¬†are navigating. One of our family’s mottos is: no fear here, and the continued practice of martial arts fits in well with that during these intense times we are living in. Thanks for all that you do!”

— Charlotte Kikel

A Source of Joy and Belonging