I love going to the movies so turning the school into our very own private movie theater Saturday to watch the Original Karate Kid was a treat.  It took a bit of doing though.

I stumbled upon a simple way to make our our screen and Mr. Aaron and Mr. Lance put it together and set it up perfectly.  Mr. Mike came by and Helped Mr. Lance rewire our sound system for great effect.  The Thorndike family generously loaned us their projector while the entire staff, including Mr. Vincent and Dr. Karla helped me pop corn.  Sandy Sartor came to the popcorn rescue with not one, but two more air-poppers to fulfill the demand.   Thanks to everyone who made the night a huge success.

Before the night was through I already had requests and questions when the next movie night would be.  Well, I’m working on it.  Aside from The Karate Kid Part II, I’d like some help with movie suggestions.

Let me know what you’d like us to show next.