Pick a number between 1 and 20.

No matter the number you pick, the “least random number,” or the most picked number, is:


If you picked 17, then you guessed what today is — SMAA’s 17-year Anniversary in Longmont.

August 10th, 1998 was the first day of full-time classes at our own location, also a Monday.

On Saturday we held on annual picnic to celebrate, where I ran into the mother of one of my former students from years and years ago, Egil Wright.

I taught Egil through his teenage years before he moved on, and moved back to his home in Sweden.

She was shocked that I remembered Egil, who is now 28, like 6’10”, sporting a full-on beard and long hair (a proper Viking), and he’s happily married.

I mention Egil because, rather than launch into a 17-year retrospective, I feel that one sentence his mother said to me sums up what I’ve always wanted for my students.

She said,

“Training with you was the best thing Egil has ever done.”

Words like that keep me going.

Onward and upward!