Let’s Talk About Food pt. 1

Today we’re going to talk about a delicious subject–food. I know, “now you’re talkin’.”

Our Bootcamp classes are all about “ramping up” your metabolism, burning fat, building lean muscle mass and cardiovascular health.  But we need to fuel our activity properly…


Let me relate a story from late great motivational speaker Jim Rohn about his friend who owned a racehorse, an exceedingly beautiful animal.  This horse was kept on the strictest of diets.  Everything that the horse ate was closely monitored and kept within certain limits to insure he raced at his peak.  The pinnacle of health and fitness…

…But you should have seen the owner.  He could barely walk up the stairs at the racetrack without being out of breath and having to sit down immediately.  He ate like he was purposely trying to kill himself through food.

That’s called a Disconnect.

Aren’t our bodies worth MORE than a racehorse’s?  (at least to us)

Over the years I’ve gotten to know my eyebrows to the hair with all the eye-rolling I’ve done hearing about fad diets and ridiculous weight-loss schemes disguised as healthy eating.  I also have scars on my tongue from all the biting of it I’ve done to keep from screaming at people.

In this and the following letters, you might find nothing new under the sun (or you just might).  But getting you to follow-through on the wisdom of the ages takes some repetitive pounding over the noggin’ for it to sink in.

Let’s start with the Big Picture and move on from there.

If weight-loss is your primary goal you must memorize and follow the Iron Law of Weight Loss:  you must burn more calories than you take in (over time).  Weight Loss and weight control is not about fad diets; it is about energy.  There is no way around this.  More calories burned than calories consumed equals weight-loss.

The Energy Equation

Weight Loss: Calories burned > Calories consumed
Weight Maintenance:  Calories burned = Calories consumed
Weight Gain: Calories burned < Calories consumed

I like to put the principle a bit bluntly if not a little un-PC,”There are no Overweight POW’s.”  Obviously, longtime prisoners of war are put on severe calorie-restrictions with no chance to cheat on their diets.  They ALL lose weight, No Excuses.  Now of course just because POW’s lose weight doesn’t mean they are at all healthy.  Exactly the opposite.  Starvation isn’t good for anyone, this includes insane starvation diets!

So this is Rule #1.

Yes, Rule #2 is to refer to Rule #1!

What this means for you my Bootcamper….

Simple, though not easy.

You MUST learn how to count your daily caloric intake and discipline yourself to do it on a regular basis.  Everything starts here.

Fortunately for you Dr. Karla and I are on the verge of having a fantastic resource that will help you available soon.

In the meantime, DO THIS.

1.  Write down everything you eat. (EVERYthing)
2.  Check the package, or go to mypyramid.gov for calorie estimates
3.  Total it up.

Sure this doesn’t mean much without your Daily Caloric Target.  I’ll get that to you shortly, but for now use this estimate:

Weight Loss:        12 to 13 calories per pound of bodyweight

Weight Gain:        18 to 19 calories per pound of bodyweight

Weight Maintenance:  15 to 16 calories per pound of bodyweight

Example:  A 182 pound person who wants to lose weight would require 2,184 calories each day  (182 x 12 = 2, 184).

This should give you some GOOD HABITS to develop and get you started.