THE most frequently asked question people ask me about martial arts is “How much are your classes?”

Here’s a quick ballpark figure for you.  Schools charge anywhere from $50/month on the low-service “kick/punch” school end up to $1,000/month on the high-service Professional end.

A simple rule of thumb is, The higher tuition you pay, more service you should receive, such as more student attention, a smaller teacher-student ratio, private training options and mentoring programs, as well as a better facility and ample training equipment.

You should also expect FULL-TIME INSTRUCTORS who are specially trained in the latest educational strategies, how to teach children with ADHD, focus issues, sensory integration challenges and teach a complete Character Development Program.

While tuition is important, you obviously want the best school that you can afford.  So find a school that fits your family’s values, one that you feel comfortable in and then focus on the tuition.