Happy 2013!

Ah, the New Year. This is the time when we are supposed to clear out the old and usher in the new, to wipe the slate clean and start all over. Or so they say.

What kind of way to go through life is that?

I can’t imagine wiping my brain clean of all the knowledge and experience I worked hard for each year and thinking that starting from scratch every January is a good strategy.

It’s really daft when you think about it.

Last year, January 2012, I decided to buck the trend and not to focus on anything new. I’ve lived long enough and have had enough different experiences that I thought I’d rather take a look at things I started but didn’t finish, and other things I got pretty good at but not great, and get back to them.

This starting from scratch every year mindset is like building the foundation of a house. Then, instead of building the walls and roof, you go and build a new foundation each year. Looking back after a few years all you see are a bunch of empty foundations. Not one complete house.

I played the piano as a child. I took it up again as an adult. I stopped my lessons for 2 months to work on my book. I scheduled my return date, Jan. 10th, to resume my lessons.

What I DIDN’T do was decide to take up a different musical instrument and try to start from scratch just because it’s January.

Some people have a special closet, the one full of gear from 20 different activities that they gave up on all too soon, vainly giving in to NEW every year.

I wouldn’t forgive myself if I were a Yellow Belt in 10 different martial arts, or could only play Chopsticks on 10 different instruments because of the siren song of “novelty.”

Last year I published another book, Systema Revelations. The many articles that comprise the book were written years ago. Last year I decided, not to write something totally new, but to FINISH something I had mostly done. To RE-NEW my efforts. 2013 is, for me, a continuation of many projects that I must finish this year; I have a computer full of them.

In 2013, I recommend you take a look at what’s old and make it new again by renewing your commitment to finish or to take things to a higher level. You may just have to add the small, next step to your effort to achieve something extraordinary.

You may be eating healthy already, but drinking soda may be the last little tweak you need to make to drop those last few pounds. You don’t need some crazy overhaul resolution that won’t last more than 3 weeks anyway.

My point is to ride out the momentum you already have home and add to it to accelerate you growth.

This year RE-NEW for Success.