All The Boos and Ghouls

All The Boos and Ghouls

First, thank you for your support concerning Buttercup.  The outpouring of emotions for her has been unexpected and overwhelming–in a good way.  Buttercup’s happy to be home and doesn’t seem to be getting worse, although she doesn’t seem to be improving either.  We will know more tomorrow when we take her to the vet.  Cross your fingers.

WELL…there are supposed to be pictures below…they may or may not show up.

The Halloween Party was a HUGE HIT and we made it without delivering a baby in the middle of it.  So many people pitched in to make it run like clockwork.  Thank you so much.

We had contests!

2nd Place went to the giant Jack Skellington (who did this?)

3rd Place went to Erin Jensen for her female vampire.

Winner of the Costume Contest was Rebecca Hyde for her Eskimo.

2nd Place went to Clarke Whitehead for his fighter pilot.

3rd Place went to the Roberts Family for their Matrix costumes.

Winner of the Chili Cook-Off was #10, Laura Kierstein with just the right blend of spice, heat and flavor.

2nd Place went to #5, Annette Smith for her green chili (yum!)

3rd Place was a tie between deliciously hot #3 and  Folsom Prison Red #4.

It was a pleasure to judge ALL of the 12 entrants.


We’re waiting….

Your Culinary Hosts

Your Culinary Hosts


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