Birthday Parties

Are you afraid that an army of hyper-active, party-going kids are going to ruin your beautiful home, just so your child has a happy birthday? Then read on and…

Discover the MOST, FUN, NO HASSLE,


Your Child will Ever Have

With NO Work On Your Part!


” A great value, and the kids loved every minute! So nice not to have to do all the work-really saved the headache!”
— Liz Osborn, Longmont Mother


Dear Fellow Parent:

Your child’s birthday is a special, fun time but, it can also be a huge hassle for you.

Setting up the party, decorating the house, entertaining the kids, worrying about them breaking things

and cleaning up the mess! It’s more pain than it’s worth.

Well, Scornavacco Martial Arts Academy has the perfect solution! Our Karate Birthday Party is the most fun your birthday boy (or girl) can have

and it’s a breeze for you.

We make a birthday party “a piece of cake” for overwhelmed Moms and Dads.
Here’s why. We:

  • Provide a large, safe venue for party-goers to play in
  • Decorate the school for you
  • Teach the kids exciting and fun karate-themed party games
  • clean up the mess so you don’t have to

You just sit back and watch the fun while our expert Birthday Party Coordinators run the show.

Here is the coolest part for your Birthday Child. Not only does he get to wear a Birthday Black Belt, we have a unique cake-cutting birthday event.

How many other children can say they cut their birthday cake with a Real Samurai Sword? (with our help of course)

Party openings are extremely limited, my weekends book up fast— so email or call 303-485-KICK today and reserve your Karate Birthday Party now.

Brad Scornavacco
Birthday Party Host

P.S. Call Michelle NOW and set up your child’s Most Exciting Birthday Party Ever, save yourself the headache and receive $25.00 OFF the price of the party!

“Luke’s birthday party was a huge success!  I thought I would share the few pics that I remembered to take.  The look on Luke’s face when cutting the cake is priceless.  Mr. Lance and Mr. Aaron were wonderful; 10 boys and one girl, lots of noise, but it was amazing to see all of them focusing at once.  That does not happen when I help out in his class at school.
–Maranda Penner

Liz Ireland


“Hi! We just had my son’s Fourth Birthday Party at Scornavacco Martial Arts Academy, Huge Success and Best Party we have had in 4 years (and we throw amazing ones!) The staff at Scornavacco Martial Arts Academy not only ordered all the food, supplied a great facility but had 3 very energetic and real life karate people hosting it! And very reasonable for an awesome Party! The party didn’t slow down for one second, all the kids behaved very well and showed respect to not only the staff but also to others as that is encouraged at this establishment! All the kids received two weeks free and an adorable karate outfit, and the Birthday Boy received one month free! We have now since started taking classes, and my son Loves it. As my son is participating it gives me a chance to speak with other adults about their childs(ren) experience. So far I have heard nothing but positive stories and witnessed how much everyone enjoys coming (you should see the smiles on the students faces). Every story starts out with more respect in school and home life as well as being able to have an out for all the kid energy their kids have!

I also, had a chance to speak with Mr. Brad Scornavacco (the owner). He truly cares about each student and encourages positive approach to teaching life lessons, he teaches as well as his student teachers in a way that is not demeaning and absolutely NO SCREAMING to get the kids to reach their goals and the highest and best for each individual!

I believe that we are going to have many years learning great skills as well as many great life lessons that will benefit my young son.

Scornavacco Martial Arts Academy is a Great place that my son and I enjoy having an outlet for good quality Family time!”


Liz Ireland