Just after half-time in Sunday’s Super Bowl I started telling everyone in the room that there hadn’t been 1 turnover in the game.  Both teams were playing mistake-free football.  With such a close contest the difference between failure and success, winning and losing often comes down to who makes the first mistake…or…who first causes the opponent to make a mistake.

My question for you then is this,

“What is the 1 LITTLE MISTAKE that would keep you from ‘winning it all’?”

“What it the 1 LITTLE MISTAKE could you make that would prevent you or your child from reaching your dream of Being a Black Belt?”

\What is the 1 BIG MISTAKE that could cause everything you’ve been working so hard toward to be intercepted and run back into the opposite direction?”

Need help coming up with something?

Here’s 1 LITTLE MISTAKE IN THINKING I’ve heard recently from a family who toured our Academy.

1 LITTLE MISTAKE IN THINKING= “Do you really think a child is able to make a commitment to train to Black Belt?

I couldn’t have answered this question any better than pointing to two entire rows of Junior Brown and Black Belts in class at the time!  I don’t have to think about it…those kids are living it.  And we both know, it’s really the parent’s ability to help the child keep the commitment that is the critical success factor.

This 1 LITTLE MISTAKE IN THINKING is that somehow you must first have the very skill you’ve come to SMAA to learn.

  • Adults come to me worried that they are not in good enough shape to come to Kickboxing or Bootcamp to get in shape.
  • Adults worry that they don’t know any martial arts when they are coming to the Adult Self-Defense classes to learn martial arts.
  • Parents lament their children’s lack of Discipline, Perseverance and Commitment when those are the very Lifeskills we teach them and help them learn.

Perhaps a child cannot keep his commitments and be disciplined because everyone backs away from letting him learn the lessons.

As Peyton Manning can tell you, an entire year’s worth of the hardest effort can be all for naught because of 1 LITTLE MISTAKE.