I’m finally back in town after a harrowing week in Chicago.  I spent several days agonizing about missing classes to fly out, but my decision was clear when I stopped to acknowledge how bad I felt about the possibility of not seeing my dad before such a major surgery.  Even though many people told me bypass surgery is “routine,” sawing open my dad’s chest and rewiring his heart didn’t seem too routine to me.

I’m so relieved I went, for my dad yes, but mostly for my mother to help see her through her worry and fear for my dad’s life.  We had to celebrate her birthday in the hospital waiting room on Wednesday while the nurses watched my dad. Things were touch and go for awhile there but now he seems like he’s on the road to recovery.

This health scare reaffirmed a few things:

1)  Family First (biologic or not).  No matter what is going on, it can wait when your family needs you.

2)  It is a blessing to have a stellar TEAM of Instructors at SMAA who all step up for each other.  Creating, having and appreciating those who support us is one of the keys to a good life.

3)  When you are in surgery is not the time to start thinking about your health.  An ounce of Prevention is worth the proverbial pound of cure.  This is one of the reasons I emphasize the health and fitness aspect of martial arts and why I created the WarriorFit System (you are using this, right?).

I’m glad to be back!