Friday night I read Siena the book Snowmen at Night, about what snowmen do when you are sleeping and not around.

Well, the sequel could be called Karate Teachers after Class because of all the events that happen outside of our regular schedule–Saturday being a perfect example.  After all classes were done and students left the building, the whole staff volunteered their time and stuck around to prepare for The Amazing Race, run by Flagstaff Academy.

About 40 teams of families ran around Longmont in search of clues and overcoming various challenges to win the race.  The theme of the race was “countries” and we represented Russia for our Systema and kettlebell programs.
No doubt that the racers didn’t know what to expect from us nor were they ready for what we hit them with.  Each team had to complete 15 minutes of our very own WarriorFit Card Game Workout. We had 4 different stations of instructors leading the teams through their specially-designed martial artist workout.  The place was packed for almost 3 hours straight.
I have to say that every team–parents and kids–rose to and completed our challenge because they had a “Fast Forward” Pass that would have allowed them to skip our challenge.  No one used their pass.  They all thanked us on the way out, scurrying out the door drenched in sweat on to their next event.
It was a pleasure to help out and be part of Flagstaff’s Amazing Race.
That’s just a brief sample of the many things done by Karate Teachers after Class.