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KettlebellIt all started in January 2008……fitness expert and Advanced Black Belt, Brad Scornavacco, said:  “Enough is enough….let’s get this community IN SHAPE!”  (As if Boulder County doesn’t already have its fill of triathletes, yogis, Whole Foods shopping superstars, but that’s another story….).

Master Brad Scornavacco had been training with KETTLEBELLS for over a decade, and they were (finally!) starting to take America by storm.  They are Russian weights.  Look like a cowbell – a round ball with a loop as a handle.  They’ve been affectionately dubbed “CANNONBALLS with a handle.”

They come in all sorts of sizes– starting with itty-bitty 9 pounders, and making the way up to 100+ pounders. You can swing them, raise them above your head, use them for awesome sit-ups.  There’s a ton you can do with these Russian weights…and Brad Scornavacco knows exactly WHAT TO DO, WHEN, and equally as important, WHY.

One super cool thing about KETTLEBELLS is that they give you an AEROBIC workout at the same time you are getting an ANAEROBIC workout. That means you are BURNING FAT tissue AND promoting the GROWTH of YOUR MUSCLE tissue….at the same time!

Just take a look at this super cool Before & AFTER picture.  It’s one of our school’s superstar Mom’s, Lisa Whitehead.





We’re talking EXTREME OVERALL FITNESS here.  At Brad’s Bootcamp, we use kettlebells so that we can work our ENTIRE BODY…not just one part of our body at a time.  Heck, our body is an entire SYSTEM…working TOGETHER to keep us ALIVE, sane, productive, HAPPY.

Back to the story…The PLAN was for a 2-month session of Kettlebell TRAINING.  Master Brad Scornavacco KNOWS what he’s talking about….a certified TRAINER, one of the few SENIOR RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART instructors in the nation.  He’s been studying peak MIND-BODY performance for over 25 years.  Having the PRIVILEGE to train with him is like training under the tutelage of a talented MASSAGE THERAPIST, Chiropractor, Movement Specialist, ORTHOPEDIST….all wrapped into ONE fabulous coach.  He’s amazing.  And don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s Kick Butt CU College Student, Kaley Hasstedt:

“Brad’s instruction is phenomenal.  Such professional coaching in proper form and body alignment was just what I needed!”   – Kaley Hasstedt, Boulder

So, January 2008 – one 2-month session of BRAD’s BOOTCAMP.  Tuesday and Thursday nights.  14 adults enrolled…ready for action, ready to put New Years Fitness Resolutions IN ACTION.

We had a BLAST. Swinging, lifting, competing in Relay Races.  Never bored, the classes ended in what seemed like MINUTES. stopwatchAcupuncturist Sharon Gatt was one of the founding Bootcampers. Know what her teenage SON said about her toward the end of BOOTCAMP?  “Dang, Mom, you can open up these jars!”  YEP. Sharon was OPENING UP jars.  She laughs at it now…and is a little embarrassed, having had always turned to her cool son and hubby for help with the Almond Butter Jar.  But what can you say…it happens to the best of us.

I brought my BABY into class with me that January.  2 months sharon nicole sienaold, she felt like a FEATHER, resting in my arms while my PARTNER completed her squats.  Oh yes – my partner.  At bootcamp, we work in TEAMS. We spot each other carefully.  We CHEER each other on.  Brad observes us CLOSELY, comes over to us, prompting us to make the SLIGHTEST change in our position  – which ends up working WONDERS.  We don’t get hurt; we GET FIT.

That baby….little Siena Rose.  Well, she’s now over 2 YEARS-old.  The plan was for one session of Bootcamp.  Yes, just ONE SESSION.  But the Bootcampers DEMANDED MORE. They begged, they pleaded.  It was amazing.  They convinced us at Scornavacco Martial Arts Academy.  We changed the schedule…yes, the entire class schedule (with a fun kickboxing class, an amazing System class, karate classes, grappling, etc) to MAKE ROOM for BRAD’s BOOTCAMP.  We hosted a 2nd Brad’s Bootcamp in April 2008, and then again in September….the Bootcamps continued.  Our office manager Michelle designed Survivor T-shirts.  We made hats.  We were (and ARE!) having a blast.  Each bootcamp session gets better, welcoming new bootcampers & saying hello again to former SURVIVORS.



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Bootcamp #1:  January 3, 2012

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