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And Dispels The Top 5 Most INSIDIOUS

& HAZARDOUS Weight-Loss Myths

Dear Friend,

Face it. You are drowning in sea of information on how to lose weight and how to get in the shape you know you can be in. It seems that every time you turn on the TV some “Guru” is hawking their next weight-loss gimmick.

Well, I have some good news for you, news that will end all of your worries about the next ridiculous weight-loss fad.

News that will make you shake your head in disbelief the next time your friends tell you they are on the “sweet potato” diet–and then pack on 20 more pounds by the end of it.

But first, Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Brad Scornavacco and I have devoted my life to helping people just like you lose weight, get in peak physical condition and enjoy the health you deserve.

I have also heard every weight-loss excuse and myth imaginable that keeps people from losing weight for good!

From 25 years of direct experience…

I have identified them for you…

The “5 Most Insidious and Hazardous Weight-Loss Myths That Keep You From Losing Weight And Keeping It Off For Good.”

No matter what you may have tried in the past you have probably fallen prey to at least one of these myths that have kept you from successfully losing weight.

I am here to shatter these insidious and hazardous myths for you so you can enjoy Optimal Health and Fitness once and for all!

Here’s the first myth:

Insidious and Hazardous Weight-Loss Myth #1:

Starving Yourself (Dieting) Works

If there were ever a weight-loss myth that has done more harm to more people it is this one…

Yet never seems to go away.


The Dieting Myth is the flawed idea that you can neglect your body for years if you only starve yourself for a few weeks.

Do you ever find yourself skipping meals to try to shed pounds…or by sheer willpower denying yourself food just because you think that how to lose weight?

It won’t work for long.

For your information, here is a working definition of a diet…

DIET(n.): a short-term loss of 10 pounds followed by a gain of 20 pounds.

Diets Don’t Work, Diets NEVER Worked and Diets STILL Don’t Work. Place that on your refrigerator!

Here’s Why:

Weight Loss Public Enemy #1: Homeostasis

Dieting doesn’t work because your body works relentlessly to keep you at your current weight–even if you are OVERWEIGHT.

When you starve yourself (diet) your body protests; your body thinks you are dying.

So, your body does all it can to keep you alive… forcing you to eat more to pack on the weight and keep it on.

You have just become the Victim of Homeostasis.

Homeostasis means that your body is your Own Worst Enemy fighting against you to resist change. Any change. Change for the worse. EVEN Change For The Better!

The good news is that when you make weight loss a habit and a lifestyle, not a crash diet, then your body will happily adapt to your new lower weight.

And guess what?

You will now profit from homeostasis–your own body working tirelessly to keep you at your new, ideal weight.

But, only if you see through Myth #2:

Insidious and Hazardous Weight-Loss Myth #2:

Supplements/Meal Replacements

Are The Only Way To Lose Weight

The Multi-Billion Dollar Weight-Loss Industry is built on the myth that they are smarter than Mother Nature.

The “goop” they try to hawk on you comes in the form of shakes, pills, powders and other NON-FOOD items.

Doesn’t it strike you as the least bit ODD that you are told to trade REAL FOOD with a whole slew of gunk that isn’t even Food?

As with all things “unnatural” your body rebels and demands that you eat something real. Then you pack in the food and pack on the pounds.

Besides, do you really want to choke down powdered “Food-Replacement” 3 times a day for the rest of your life just to lose a few pounds?

Especially when there’s an easier way?

You know that burning calories is the key to permanent weight loss, but don’t listen to the Idiot Box or you will fall for Myth #3:

Insidious and Hazardous Weight-Loss Myth #3:

The Lastest Gizmo Will

Lose Weight For You

Turn on your TV any evening and you will be bombarded with infomercials promising “six-pack abs” with their newest ab machine–be it a roller, a cruncher, a twister, a chair or whatever.

Let’s forget that your powerful abs will never show if you are carrying 30 extra pounds around your waist…

There is a kernel of truth in the myth of the machine: working with weights and various devices does work–if you use them.


Your new $1000 gizmo is more likely to end up being a CLOTHES HANGER than a weight-loss tool.

What makes The GIZMO MYTH even worse is that you don’t have just one gizmo-turned coat rack, you probably have at least 3!


Because you forget the first gizmo, thinking perhaps IT was flawed in some way, so you buy the next gizmo, convinced it’ll be different.

You have fallen victim to the same myth, yet again.

And again.

But, deep-down you know the truth, no machine can make you lose weight. Weight-loss doesn’t come mail-order!

For a fraction of the cost of another “exercise machine/coat rack” you can attend Brad’s Bootcamp and get the workout of your life.

You might be thinking that you can get away without exercising, by being frugal, by not getting into “calorie debt” in the first place…

But you are just falling for Weight-Loss Myth #4:

Insidious and Hazardous Weight-Loss Myth #4:

You Can Lose Weight by

Reducing Calorie Intake Alone:

“Are You a TOFI?”

The 4th Weight-Loss Myth is by far the most insidious of the myths because looks are deceiving.

The “TOFI MYTH” is because you aren’t overweight you think you are healthy.

I am sure you have seen them, know them, or may even be one of them.

They are the TOFI’s–Thin Outside, Fat Inside.

Why You Can Still Be Fat…Even If You Are Thin

If you focus on cutting calories without exercising you can lose your skeletal fat, the fat around your legs or midsection…

…You may look healthy but your body is being choked from the inside out…

By the fat surrounding your internal organs!

This internal fat leads to diabetes and heart disease, the #1 and #2 Killers of American adults.

What Abandoned Houses Can Tell You About Your Health

Your solidly-built home can and should shelter you for the rest of your life.

But your house won’t be fit to live in without upkeep.

You need to mow the lawn, clean out the garage, paint and replace appliances that wear out.

If you abandon your home, and try to preserve it without maintenance, it will run down twice as fast as if you lived in it for 50 years and took good care of it.

If you abandon your body and try to control calories by just “not eating” your body will deteriorate–just like that neglected house–through heart disease, diabetes or anorexia.

Here’s good GREAT NEWS:


Recent studies have shown that…

For every hour of physical exercise you do, you add 2 hours more of your life!

You don’t just get back the hour of exercise, you get back that hour PLUS another hour of life! Add to that the “natural high” you get from exercising.

2 MORE HOURS OF LIFE; Every time you exercise. That is 200% Guaranteed Return on Investment. You can’t get that anywhere.

Just one session of Brad’s Bootcamp will add 32 hours to your life. Not only will you live longer but you will enjoy your extra life-span more!  What would you do with an extra 32 hours?

Your home was made to be lived in–and your body was made to be used.

Move it or lose it, to your peril.

But don’t think you can lose weight and get fit just by wanting it, or you will fall for the last insidious and Hazardous Weight-loss Myth:

Insidious and Hazardous Weight-Loss Myth #5:

You Can Lose Weight by Willpower Alone

Are you that “1 in a 1,000” person who can sail the world alone, climb Mt. Everest without by yourself and maintain peak physical condition without help?

Or do you just think you are? If you are that person, you don’t need Brad’s Bootcamp.

If, on the other hand, you are like the other 999 people out there, going it alone hasn’t worked out for you.

Guess what, it is more than just a lack of will-power keeping you from losing weight.

Have you thought about this?

Your Friends Are Making You Fat!

Here’s a “blinding flash of the obvious”– a revelation is so simple it is often overlooked.

If you are around overweight people odds are you will be overweight too.

The truth is that you become like the people you spend the most time with. You develop the same bad habits of dressing, speaking, eating and not exercising.

No matter how strong your will, you wind up eating where they eat, talking how they talk, wasting your time how they waste their time.

Something has to change for your life to change!

Here is how to free yourself from this trap:

You MUST Get Around Fit People To Lose Weight

Don’t worry, you don’t have to divorce your friends. You might just drag them to Brad’s Bootcamp with you!

Forget trudging down to your dingy basement, or trying to carve out 5 claustrophobic feet in your bedroom in a vain attempt to get in shape.

Besides, when you exercise alone you always give up much sooner than you should. There is no one around to push you when you need it.


You will always find something around the house that needs cleaning, rearranging or some other excuse not to take off the weight.

That never fails to happen. There are just too many distractions at home!

Enrolling in Brad’s Bootcamp is your Fitness Solution

You will get “an entire body-shaping team” to coach you, keep you on track and keep you motivated…

So you don’t have to go-it-alone in your basement.

PLUS, we have your workout all planned out for you, so you don’t have to stress out over your workout routine.

All you have to do is SHOW UP.

Now that we’ve busted the myths,

Here is:


The Truth is that, in spite of these 5 Insidious and Dangerous Weight Loss Myths, people DO lose weight and keep it off.

But HOW?

They “are in the know” about The Universal Truth of Weight Loss.

There are dozens of excuses people make for not losing weight–among them is the omnipresent “my metabolism is to blame”–all the while they are sitting on the couch eating potato chips.

Again this is ignorance of simple chemistry.

Here it is, The Weight-Loss Truth To Bust All Myths:

To lose weight you must consistently burn more calories than you consume, period, full-stop.

1. Calories in > calories burned = Weight Gain

2. Calories in = Calories burned = Weight The Same

3. Calories in < Calories burned = Weight Loss

Which do you prefer?

Brad’s Bootcamp Turns Your Metabolism

Into A Blazing Inferno That Incinerates Fat!


Brad’s Bootcamp will burn more calories than any other workout, while at the same time, teaching you how to eat to consume less total calories while still satisfying your hunger.

Exercising does not mean you can eat whatever you want.

Exercising while eating junk food is just a faster way to destroy your body.

It is like putting sugar in your car’s gas tank. The faster you drive the quicker you trash the engine.  Just ask Jim Fixx, a prominent running proponent who thought he could eat whatever he wanted, as long as he ran…he died of a heart attack while running.

The beauty of coming to Brad’s Bootcamp is that one good habit leads to another: exercising naturally, and with our guidance, leads you to learn how to eat better food for your body.

And we’ll teach you!

As Part of Brad’s Bootcamp you will receive our
FREE REPORT: “The Simplest Secret–A Guide to Eating
for Optimum Health and Enjoyment.”


This synergy of regular exercise and eating delicious (and good-for-your-body food) cannot be beat by any diet or fitness gimmick.


Here’s Some of What You Will Learn:

  • Where you are now, and where you need to get to

  • Avoiding the #1 Mistake People Make when trying to lose weight

  • The Simplest Way Ever to understand HOW to eat

  • What NOT To Do before exercising!

  • 3 Foods to Avoid

  • The Best Warm-ups

  • Maximizing your training time

  • How to still enjoy your favorite food, Guilt-Free

  • Dangerous Exercises…And how to substitute safe, effective ones

  • Types of Food that you MUST cut back on now!

  • How to implement your weight-loss plan

  • Overcoming your worst mental blocks

  • How to create “new, healthy habits”

  • The Secret of Accountability

  • One Easy Question to ask before putting any food in your mouth

  • How to Set Realistic Targets and Reach Them

  • Learning to enjoy healthy eating again!


Am I Brad’s Bootcamp Material?

1. Do you want to lose weight for a few weeks then balloon up to 20 lbs. more than when you started and then throw your hands up and complain nothing works?


Do you want to lose weight once and for all?

2. Is your life a “Cram Session” moving from one health crisis to the next?


Would you rather have a simple-to-follow, effective plan for getting the most out of your life?

If you want permanent weight-loss, more energy, a fit and toned figure and a longer, healthier life…

Then you are Brad’s Bootcamp material.

See what Brad’s Bootcamp has done for regular people just like you:

“Brad’s Bootcamp is amazing! In taking a class that challenges me physically I gained more than great arm/leg/ab strength. I gained confidence in myself, and a better understanding of what I am truly capable of.

I was surprised at how Brad is able to make the exercises doable for the novice yet challenging for those with more experience.

This second Bootcamp I have made an effort to concentrate on my form in doing each exercise. I have found that by watching how I do the exercises I am getting better results with each targeted are and I am less exhausted than when I just throw my body around with weights in my hands.”

Debbie Trout, mother of 2

Broomfield, CO

“I have done many of Brad’s Bootcamps and with each one I get stronger. I am stronger not only muscularly, but my cardio is better. I am generally healthier. I haven’t gotten as many colds as normal for me. The small viruses I have gotten haven’t been bad enough to stop me from my normal day. I also do believe that my stress level is significantly reduced. The best thing about Bootcamp is it is My Time and I am a better Mom because I am much healthier and less stressed.”

Lisa Whitehead, mother of 2

Longmont, CO

“Overall, Brad’s Bootcamp is a very positive experience. An increase in strength, cardiovascular improvement and general health is an obvious result.

However, the largest improvement or benefit that I have noticed (personally) is stress reduction and just simply going home on an endorphin “buzz.” I feel great after Brad’s Bootcamp. I may come into class in a bad mood, tired and worn out (physically and mentally), but always leave as if “weights” were taken off my shoulders. I can solve problems with almost a clean stale in my pre-camp jumbled state of mind.  Bootcamp is not only providing a physical benefit, but a mental one too.”

Scott Whitehead, father of 2 (Lisa’s husband)

Longmont, CO

“I have definitely noticed a change in muscle tone and strength. I struggle to find motivation to do weight training—even though I know it is beneficial. Brad’s Bootcamp actually makes the drudgery of lifting weights FUN. And it works!!!”

Jill St. Aubin-King, mother of 2

Longmont, CO

Laura KiersteinLaura Kierstein“Brad’s Bootcamp has really helped my strength and energy level. Another benefit I have noticed is my confidence level. After surviving Brad’s Bootcamp you feel like you can accomplish anything.”

Laura Kierstein, mother of 2

Longmont, CO

“I came to class a little hesitant, since my daughter signed me up. I found that I enjoyed the class. I like the strength training and that it is not a high-pressure atmosphere. I already enrolled in the next Bootcamp.”

Janna Vannorsdel, mother

Longmont, CO

“From Brad’s Bootcamp I gained tremendous confidence with the use of the kettlebells. I was surprised how fast I was able to pick it up with the right instruction from Brad and the constant feedback from my spotter. The 12kg kettlebell that used to be strenuous to pick up, now seems light enough ot ht emore advanced exercises that include throwing it up and catching. I’ve noticed a greater definition in my arms and legs and a greater endurance in the other classes I do at Scornavacco Family Karate. I will definitely do another one of Brad’s Bootcamp!”

Jason Volesky

Longmont, CO



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